bio_vertThe scope of our interests is broad, extending from molecular biology and biochemistry through cell biology, physiology, neurobiology and behavior, to evolutionary biology and ecology.

In the classroom and the laboratory, our students experience the excitement of exploring what’s known and, more importantly, the questions that remain in these dynamic disciplines.  Within the context of the Williams College liberal arts experience, the Biology curriculum creates a potent intellectual mix that equips our majors for success in many different areas after graduation.

News & Announcements

A New Species of Firefly?!?!?

Abstract Fireflies in the genus Photinus are well regarded for their luminescent nocturnal courtship displays. Here we report on a new firefly species, Photinus interdius, which is remarkable for its fully diurnal and luminescent courtship protocol.

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Registration Advising Hours for Biology Faculty

Professor Swoap Publishes in Journal of Comparative Physiology with students Ethan Borre ’15 and Maria Vicent ’17

Vicent, M.A., Borre, E.D. & Swoap, S.J. J Comp Physiol B (2017). Central activation of the A1 adenosine receptor in fed mice recapitulates only some of the attributes of daily torpo. doi:10.1007/s00360-017-1084-7

Students in Lebestky Lab Publish Paper

Kim, S.*, Tellez, K.*, Buchan, G.* and T. Lebestky.  2016.  Fly stampede 2.0:  A next generation optomotor assay for walking behavior in Drosophila melanogaster.  Frontiers in Neuroscience,
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