Class of 1960s Scholars

Background of the Program

The Class of 1960’s Scholars Program is a program funded by an endowment from the Class of 1960 to encourage students to consider academic careers. In Biology, the 1960’s Scholars Program works by exposing students, through a colloquium series, to leading researchers in a variety of areas of biology. Several speakers are brought to campus each year for a colloquium series that is open to everyone. The juniors and seniors participating in the 1960’s Scholars program read several of the speaker’s papers beforehand, meet with a faculty member as a group prior to the talk to discuss the speaker’s work, attend the colloquium, and join the speaker for an informal reception and dinner following the presentation. Students who are definitely interested in advanced study and/or even considering careers in the field are invited to self-nominate for this program in the fall, and are then screened by the faculty.


Students will be designated as a 60’s Scholar once all of the requirements have been met.  Under the auspices of the program, the Biology Department will invite 2-4 prominent biologists to campus over the calendar year.  During the visit, our guest will present a general lecture, open to all, as part of our departmental colloquium series.  Following the lecture the speaker and members of the Class of 1960 Scholars will gather for an informal discussion period.  The visitor will then have dinner with a sub-group of the Class of 1960 Scholars of approximately 5-6 students.   The requirements for successful completion of this program and to become a 1960’s scholar are as follows:

  1. Each candidate will attend all 1960’s Scholars lectures and discussion sessions over the calendar year. Please note the time for biology colloquia is Fridays at 1:10 pm.
  2. Each candidate will attend at least one dinner each semester.
  3. Each candidate will have read one or two short papers on the seminar topic before the discussion session that immediately follows the seminar. These will be provided by members of the biology department.

If you know you will be heading abroad during the Fall or Spring semester, please let us know.  You will still have the opportunity to be 1960’s scholars by fulfilling the requirements of the program when you return.


Please use this link to apply for the Biology Class of 1960’s Scholar program: Application

Applications must be received by Jan 31, 2024 for consideration. The Biology faculty will look over all applications and choose this year’s ‘60s Scholars for spring term participation.