Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2023

All colloquia are in TBL 112 at 1:10pm on the dates below (except where noted).

September 15: Honors Thesis Workshop: “Strategies for designing and delivering a scientific presentation” by Matt Carter, Associate Professor of Biology.

September 22 – Biology Class of 1960 Scholars seminar: Professor Elena Gracheva of Yale University;  title is ““Cellular, Molecular, and Physiological Adaptations of Hibernation: The Solution to Environmental Challenges”

September 29 – BIMO Class of 1960 Scholars seminar:  Professor Ryan Nett of Harvard University; title is “Understanding and harnessing the complexities of plant metabolism”

October 6, 13, 20: Honors Talks (dependent on Mountain Day scheduling)

November 3: Daniel Aalberts,  Kennedy P. Richardson ’71 Professor of Physics at Williams College