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A New Species of Firefly?!?!?

Abstract Fireflies in the genus Photinus are well regarded for their luminescent nocturnal courtship displays. Here we report on a new firefly species, Photinus interdius, which is remarkable for its fully diurnal and luminescent courtship protocol. Continue reading »

Honors and Summer Research Open House

The deadline to apply to the honors program and/or the summer research program is February 10th.  Information and applications can be found here.  There will be an open house and information session for those students interested in doing a thesis as well as students considering summer… Continue reading »

Erica Chang ’18 and Katie Swoap ’17 won honorable mention in the best undergraduate poster competition at the 100th Western Society of Naturalists meeting

Erica Chang and Katie Swoap won honorable mention in the best undergraduate poster competition at the 100th Western Society of Naturalists meeting in Monterey, CA, November 10-13, 2016.  Their poster was titled “Fluctuating temperatures and thermal stress in mussels: time-dependent responses in respiration, gene expression and growth. ” by Erica… Continue reading »

Professor Tim Lebestky published in G3

A Genetic Screen to Assess Dopamine Receptor (DopR1) Dependent Sleep Regulation in Drosophila Yiqin Jiang1, Elise Pitmon1, Jack Berry1, Fred W. Wolf2, Zach McKenzie1 and Tim J. Lebestky1 Abstract Sleep is an essential behavioral state of rest that is regulated by homeostatic drives to ensure a balance of… Continue reading »

Professor Luana Maroja published in Nature

The gene cortex controls mimicry and crypsis in butterflies and moths NADEAU N.J., PARDO-DIAZ C., WHIBLEY A., SUPPLE M.A., SAENKO S.V., WALLBANK R.W.R., WU G.C., MAROJA L.S. FERGUSON L., HANLYJ.J., HINES H., SALAZAR C., MERRILL R.M., DOWLING A.J., FFRENCH-CONSTANT R.H., LLAURENS V., JORONM, MCMILLAN W.O.  & JIGGINS C.D. (2016). Nature… Continue reading »

Tim Lebestky

My lab investigates molecular mechanisms underlying sleep, arousal, startle, and grooming behaviors. Recent work includes molecular and genetic characterization of the role of Dopamine Receptor in grooming and sleep in Drosophila melanogaster. Continue reading »

Ben Carone publishes in Developmental Cell

Genetic and Epigenetic Variation, but Not Diet, Shape the Sperm Methylome. Shea JM1, Serra RW1, Carone BR1, Shulha HP2, Kucukural A2, Ziller MJ3, Vallaster MP1, Gu H3, Tapper AR4, Gardner PD4, Meissner A3, Garber M2, Rando OJ5. Abstract: Paternal diet can impact metabolic phenotypes in offspring, but… Continue reading »

Ben Carone publishes in Science

Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals. Sharma U1, Conine CC1, Shea JM1, Boskovic A1, Derr AG2, Bing XY1, Belleannee C3, Kucukural A2, Serra RW1, Sun F1, Song L1, Carone BR1, Ricci EP4, Li XZ5, Fauquier L1, Moore MJ6, Sullivan R3, … Continue reading »

Professor Luana Maroja publishes in G3

Genes with Restricted Introgression in a Field Cricket (Gryllus firmus/Gryllus pennsylvanicus) Hybrid Zone Are Concentrated on the X Chromosome and a Single Autosome Luana S. Maroja,*,1 Erica L. Larson,† Steven M. Bogdanowicz,‡ and Richard G. Harrison‡ Abstract Characterizing the extent of… Continue reading »

Intekhab Hossain ’17 Co-Authored Paper at MIT

"I worked with an Immunologist/Chemical Biologist on modifying single domain antibodies (from alpacas) in order to use them for the imaging of immunotherapy. The paper was published in Angewandte Chemie (Applied Chemistry) which is maintained by the German Chemical Society." - Intekhab Hossain '17 Continue reading »

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