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Faculty member Luana Maroja publishes cricket research

Professor Luana Maroja was recently part of a large collaboration looking at phenotypic variation across Gryllus firmus and G. pennsylvanicus (and hybrids) in the USA.  The researchers measured 4221 crickets across 337 localities and also looked at their life history and environments. Read the published work here:… Continue reading »

New publication from Williams Lab with three student co-authors

Ward, Z., Upton, C., Iyer, M., and Williams, H. (2023)  Physiological constraints and cognitive chunking: Sequence organization in the songs of zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).  J. Comp. The researchers asked whether zebra finches organize their songs around physiological constraints (pausing to take a breath) or cognitive… Continue reading »

Holland lab researchers publish paper

Holland lab researchers Miriam Li ’23, Hisham Tadfie ’23, and Cameron Darnell ’25 have published a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry on a key enzyme in tryptophan production in plants. Their experiments connected enzyme structure to function and regulation in citrus, pistachio, walnut, mosses, and the model plant Arabidopsis. Continue reading »

Harvard’s Dr. Ryan Nett to speak Friday (9/29) at 1:10pm

Assistant Professor Ryan Nett, PhD will be on campus as the BIMO Class of 1960s Scholars seminar speaker. Dr. Nett is a member of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University and will present a talk titled “Understanding and harnessing the complexities of plant metabolism.” The seminar… Continue reading »

Loehlin lab publishes new paper

The Loehlin lab has a new paper out that tests the hypothesis that different-sized duplications of the same gene will output the same expression level.  Georgia, Manting, Ria and Elise are all Williams undergraduate students that contributed to the paper in G3! Demonstration of in vivo engineered tandem… Continue reading »

Dr. Elena Gracheva to speak Friday (9/22) at 1:10pm

Yale University Professor Elena Gracheva, PhD will be on campus this Friday as the Biology Class of 1960s Scholars seminar speaker. Dr. Gracheva will present a talk titled “Cellular, Molecular, and Physiological Adaptations of Hibernation: The Solution to Environmental Challenges.” The seminar begins at 1:10pm in TBL 112. Continue reading »

Honors Thesis workshop (Friday 9/15)

Associate Professor of Biology Matt Carter will discuss “Strategies for designing and delivering a scientific presentation.”  In this presentation, we will discuss three aspects of designing an outstanding scientific talk: (1) organizing complex scientific information into a clear narrative; (2) using software to visually communicate scientific concepts; and (3) improving… Continue reading »

Pre-Registration Information Session to be held Monday, 4/24

The Biology Pre-Registration Info Session for majors, prospective majors, and students interested in taking Biology courses will take place Monday, April 24th at 12 noon in TBL 112.  Join us as we cover major requirements, course offerings (Fall23-Spring24), and the advising process. All are welcome – pizza will be available for attendees!… Continue reading »

Honors & Summer Research Info session

Save the date! This year’s Honors & Summer Research Info session will be on Wednesday, January 18 (time and location TBD). Biology Majors can learn about honors research opportunities and/or summer research directly from faculty who will be taking students.  The deadline to apply to the honors program… Continue reading »

Two Tenure-Track Professors to Start this Fall

This year the biology department welcomes two new faculty members, Ronald Bassar and David Loehlin. Ron starts in the Fall 2017 semester as Assistant Professor.  Ron is an evolutionary ecologist and comes to us following post-doctoral research at the University of Oxford with Tim Coulson studying the ecological and… Continue reading »

Professor Chen Publishes Three Papers

Luo R, Chen PW, Wagenbach M, Jian X, Jenkins L, Wordeman L, Randazzo PA. J Biol Chem (2016).  Direct functional interaction of the kinesin-13 family member kinesin-like protein 2A (Kif2A) and Arf GAP with GTP-binding protein-like, ankyrin repeats and PH domains 1 (AGAP1).  doi:10.1074/jbc.A116.732479 Vitali T, Girald-Berlingeri S,… Continue reading »

A New Species of Firefly?!?!?

Abstract Fireflies in the genus Photinus are well regarded for their luminescent nocturnal courtship displays. Here we report on a new firefly species, Photinus interdius, which is remarkable for its fully diurnal and luminescent courtship protocol. Continue reading »

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