Winter Study Research

BIOL 21: Science Beyond Williams (Not offered WSP 2018)

BIOL 21 Science Beyond Williams allows upperclassman to pursue scientific research off-campus at a non-profit organization, government agency, medical school, or research university.  In consultation with faculty, the student will find a mentor in whose lab s/he will work in WSP and a Williams faculty member who will offer guidance before and during WSP.

BIOL 22: Introduction to Biological Research

BIOL 22 Introduction to Biological Research allows students (preference is given to first-years and sophomores) to carry out a research project in a faculty member’s research lab during WSP.  For more details, contact Lois Banta.

  • Discuss research options with the faculty members with whom you may like to work.
  • Get a commitment from one faculty member.
  • THEN submit the application and register for the course.

Winter Study 99’s

WSP 99’s also provide the opportunity for sophomores, juniors, or seniors to to independent research either at Williams or at other institutions.  Information about 99’s and application forms are available on the Registrar’s website.  Students proposing a WSP 99 that involves “uncomfortable learning” should also apply to the Gaudino Winter Study Fellows Program.