Ron D. Bassar

Ron Bassar

Assistant Professor of Biology

Thompson Biology Lab Rm 204


B.A. Prescott College, Environmental Studies
Ph.D. University of California, Riverside, Evolution,Ecology&OrganismlBio

Areas of Expertise

Evolutionary Ecology


BIOL 402

Rapid Evolution in Ecology
(not offered 2020/20)

Scholarship/Creative Work

Representative Publications (for full list click: google scholar):
Bassar, R.D., J. Travis, and T. Coulson. In review. Predicting coexistence in species with continuous niche shifts and competitive asymmetry. Ecology.

Bassar, R.D., T.N. Simon, W. Roberts, J. Travis, D.N. Reznick. 2017. The evolution of coexistence: reciprocal adaptation promotes the assembly of a simple community. Evolution. 71: 373-385.

Bassar, R.D., B.L. Bryan, M.C. Marshall, C.M. Pringle, D.N. Reznick, and J. Travis. 2017. Local adaptation of fish consumers alters primary production through changes in algal community composition and diversity. Oikos. 126:594-603.

Bassar, R.D., D. Childs, M. Rees, S. Tuljapurkar, D. Reznick and T. Coulson. 2016. The effects of asymmetric competition on the life history of Trinidadian guppies. Ecology Letters. 19: 268-278.

Bassar, R.D., B.H. Letcher, K. Nislow and A. Whiteley. 2016. Seasonal changes in climate outpace compensatory density dependence in eastern brook trout. Global Change Biology. 22: 577-593.

Bassar, R. D., T. I. Heatherly, M. C. Marshall, S. A. Thomas, A. S. Flecker, and D. N. Reznick. 2015. Population size structure dependent fitness and ecosystem consequences in Trinidadian guppies. Journal of Animal Ecology. 84:955-968

Bassar, R. D., Auer, S. K. & Reznick, D. N. 2014. Why do placentas evolve? A test of the life history facilitation hypothesis in two clades in the genus Poeciliopsis representing two independent origins of placentas. Functional Ecology. 28:999-1010.

Bassar, R. D., D. N. Reznick, A. López-Sepulcre, and J. Travis. 2013. Experimental evidence for density-dependent regulation and selection on Trinidadian guppy life histories. The American Naturalist 181:25-38.

Bassar, R. D., R. Ferriere, A. López-Sepulcre, M. C. Marshall, J. Travis, C. M. Pringle, and D. N. Reznick. 2012. Direct and indirect ecosystem effects evolutionary adaptation in Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata). The American Naturalist 180:167-185.

Bassar, R. D., A. López-Sepulcre, M. R. Walsh, M. Turcotte, R. M. Torres-Mejia, and D. N. Reznick. 2010. Bridging the gap between ecology and evolution: integrating density regulation and life history evolution. The Year in Evolutionary Biology 1206:17-34.

Bassar, R. D., M. C. Marshall, A. Lopez-Sepulcre, E. Zandona , S. K. Auer, J. Travis, C. M. Pringle, A. S. Flecker, S. A. Thomas, D. F. Fraser, and D. N. Reznick. 2010. Local adaptation in Trinidadian guppies alters ecosystem processes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.107:3616-3621.


Associate Editor, Journal of Animal Ecology