Manuel Morales

Manuel Morales

Professor of Biology

Thompson Biology Lab Rm 215
At Williams since 2001


A.B. Kenyon College (1994)
Ph.D. University of Connecticut, Ecology (1999)

Areas of Expertise



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Scholarship/Creative Work

  • Morales, M.A., J.L. Barone*, and C.S. Henry. 2008. Acoustic alarm signaling facilitates predator protection of treehoppers by mutualist bodyguards. Proceeding of the Royal Society B 275: 1935-1941. Abstract | PDF | HTML.
  • Morales, M.A., W. F. Morris, and W. G. Wilson. 2008. Allee dynamics generated by protection mutualisms can drive oscillations in trophic cascades. Theoretical Ecology 1: 77-88. Abstract | PDF | HTML.
  • Morales, M.A. and A.L.H. Beal*. 2006. The effects of host-plant quality and ant-tending for the treehopper Publilia concava. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 99: 545-552. Abstract | PDF
  • Morales, M.A., G. J. Dodge, and D.W. Inouye. 2005. A phenological mid-domain effect in flowering phenology. Oecologia 142: 83-89. Abstract | PDF | HTML (The original publication is available at
  • Morales, M. A., D. W. Inouye, M. J. Leigh, and G. Lowe. 2003. Considering interactions: incorporating biotic interactions into viability assessment. in C. A. Brigham and M. W. Schwartz, editors. Population viability in plants, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 267-287.
  • Morales M. A. 2002. Ant-dependent oviposition in the membracid Publilia concava. Ecological Entomology 27: 247-250. PDF (This is an electronic version of the published article)
  • Inouye, D. W., M. A. Morales, and G. J. Dodge. 2002. Variation in timing and abundance of flowering by Delphinium barbeyi Huth (Ranunculaceae): the roles of snowpack, frost, and La Niña, in the context of climate change. Oecologia 130: 543-550. Abstract (The original publication is available at
  • Morales, M. A. 2000. Survivorship of an ant-tended membracid as a function of ant recruitment. Oikos 90: 469-476.  Abstract (This is an electronic version of the published Article)
  • Morales, M.A. 2000. Mechanisms and density-dependence of benefit in an ant-membracid mutualism. Ecology 81: 482-489. Abstract | PDF
  • Morales, M.A., and E.R. Heithaus.  1998. Seed dispersal mutualism shifts sex ratios in colonies of the ant, Aphaenogaster rudis. Ecology 79: 734-739. Abstract | PDF

* Denotes Williams College student

Professional Affiliations

  • University of Maryland: Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests

The goal of my research program is to link empirical results and theory to develop and expand a framework for understanding the population and community dynamics of mutualism. My past and current research addresses this goal using a variety of natural systems, but focuses on ant-based mutualisms. Find out more about my research at

Honors Students

  • Brooke Ray Smith, ’02
  • Jennifer Barone, ’03
  • Angus Beal, ’03
  • Nathan Briggs, ’03
  • Bill McDowell, ’04
  • Elise Leduc, ’06
  • Daniel Klein, ’06
  • Jessica Walthew, ’09
  • Benjamin Swimm, ’09