Wesleyan University PhD Program

WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY is home to a vibrant science community comprising researchers who study a variety of cellular processes at the molecular level, using approaches ranging from microscopic imaging to X-ray crystallography.  The MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT has strong connections with two inter-departmental programs, Molecular Biophysics and Integrative Genomic Sciences, and provides students many opportunities for exciting projects and training for a future career in research.  Graduate studies at a premier liberal arts institution also offer excellent opportunities for students to hone their teaching skills for a future career in academia.  Our PhD students benefit from generous NIH, NSF, and HHMI support for research, resources rivaling those at larger schools, a low student : faculty ratio, and are ready to develop into leaders in their field upon graduation.

Further details can be found at http://www.wesleyan.edu/mbb.