Welcome to our new Visiting Assistant Professor

Ben Carone will be arriving in Fall 2014 for one year.  Ben’s research focuses on epigenetics.

The human body is composed of ~30 trillion cells, all with the same genes and same DNA sequences.  Despite this, our bodies contain cells with wildly different morphologies and functions, leading us to wonder how the same genic content can be interpreted so differently.

My laboratory works in the field of Epigenetics: the inheritance of phenotypic changes in the absence of corresponding changes in DNA sequence.  Often this phenomenon is the result of specific chemical modifications of DNA or modification of proteins that interact with DNA.  Experiments in my lab focus on developing the technology to rewrite the epigenetic code and understanding how the deposition of specific epigenetic marks affect gene activity.  To accomplish this work, we work with the model organism S cerevisiae which is easy to genetically manipulate and has a very well characterized chromatin organization. Students interested in this project can expect to learn advanced molecular techniques, tools for genetic engineering, and develop a strong understanding of epigenetic phenomenon.