Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Princeton University: Application deadline Dec 1

The Ph.D. program in Neuroscience within the Princeton Neuroscience Institute…Fall 2011 will see the third generation of students enrolling in this relatively new Ph.D. program. We enrolled spectacular students in our first two years, and we are again seeking the most highly motivated and creative students. Innovative coursework. A key component of our Ph.D. is year-long core course, taken in the first year and inspired by Woods Hole-style advanced courses. Students in this core course learn through a combination of lectures and first-hand experimental experience using modern, advanced methods. All students, regardless of previous experience, perform their own experiments. From single neurons and patch clamp, to ChR expression and activation, to in vivo electrophysiology in behaving animals, to computational modeling, to human neurophysiology and functional MRI, this course guides and teaches students about the brain as they learn to design, perform, analyze, and critique their own experiments. For application and more information.