Gill lab publishes paper on research in Hopkins Memorial Forest

The Gill lab recently published a paper titled “Biophysical Controls on Soil Carbon Cycling in a Northern Hardwood Forest”, now available online at Ecosystems. The Gill Lab works to understand how carbon (C) and nutrients are stored and cycled across Hopkins Memorial Forest, and how these important C pools will respond to global changes. In this paper, we showed that the temperature sensitivity of soil respiration, or how strongly soil carbon dioxide emissions increase with temperature, is highly responsive to soil potassium availability at HMF. We also found that soil physical protection, especially macroaggregate structures, are important predictors of surface soil C. The research set the foundation for ongoing work to understand the structure and vulnerability of the soil C pool at HMF! Authors include Patrick Hodgson ’22, Maddie Annis ’23, Angela Chen ’23, Molly Fraser ’23, Dan Lee ’24, and Aaron Stanton ’22.