Getting Started in Biology

It is preferable for students who plan to major in biology, or think they may be interested in doing so, to take Biology 101 and 102 during their first year at Williams. It is also possible to begin the Biology major during the sophomore year, although students should understand that that may require taking two or more biology courses during several semesters.  Students interested in biology, whether or not they intend to major in it, are encouraged to take Biology 101 and/or 102.  With instructor permission, students may take Biology 102 in the spring before taking Biology 101. It is also possible, with permission of the instructor, to take Biology 134 (The Tropics), Biology 203 (Ecology), and/or Biology 204 (Animal Behavior) without prerequisite.

All students are welcome to take Biology 101, regardless of high school preparation in biology.  You are not required to take a placement exam to enroll in Biology 101.