News & Announcements

Lisa Chu ’10 Publishes Paper

Lisa Chu ’10 just published a paper with Steve Swoap in the Journal of Thermal Biology.  This manuscript was from her thesis work, for which she shared the David Bruce award for top undergraduate poster at the Experimental Biology meetings in 2010.… Continue reading »

Oceans Symposium

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., Feb. 13, 2012 – Throughout the spring semester, the Williams College Center for Environmental Studies, Biology department, Political Science department, Maritime Studies program, and lecture committee will sponsor a symposium on oceans. The goal of this interdisciplinary symposium is to raise awareness about current environmental issues associated with… Continue reading »

Steve Swoap Publishes Paper

Congratulations to Steve S. for his recent dispatch on thermoregulation in the journal Current Biology “Thermoregulation: An Orphan Receptor Finds Its Way in the Cold”… Continue reading »

Open House & Info Session

The Biology Department will host an open house for students thinking of doing a thesis as well as students considering summer research. Information Session: Wednesday, January 18th @ 7pm in TBL 112  Lab Open House: Thursday, January 19th from 2-4 pm, meet in… Continue reading »

Joan Edwards Radio Interview

Air Date: Week of November 11, 2011 Living On Earth Biologist Joan Edwards likes to look closely at plants, and particularly, plants that move fast. Her research at Williams College focuses on the mechanism of exploding plants,… Continue reading »

Joan Edwards Describes Brand New Species

Professor Joan Edwards co-authored an article describing the Isle Royale Ragwort (Packera insulae-regalis), in Brittonia. Packera insulae-regalis (Asteraceae, Senecioneae) is a new species that is only known from one population occurring near the summit of Mount Franklin on Isle Royale, Michigan, U.S.A. It resembles both P. paupercula… Continue reading »

Derek Dean Publishes Paper

Congratulations to Derek Dean for his recent publication in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education on “The “Frankenplasmid” Lab, An Investigative Exercise for Teaching Recombinant DNA Methods.”… Continue reading »

Jon Snow publishes paper in Blood Journal

Context-dependent function of “GATA switch” sites in vivo. Abstract Master transcriptional regulators of development often function through dispersed cis elements at endogenous target genes. While cis-elements are routinely studied in transfection and transgenic reporter assays, it is challenging to ascertain how they function in vivo. To address… Continue reading »

5th Graduate Climate Conference

Do you have a strong interest in climate science?  Read on….(also on the bio website). Graduate students in MIT’s Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate are pleased to announce the 5th Graduate Climate Conference, to take place at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) on Cape Cod… Continue reading »

Steve Zottoli publishes paper with two students

Professor Steven Zottoli has published a paper with two student co-authors.   “Axon cap morphology of the sea robin (prionotus carolinus) mauthner cell is correlated with the presence of ‘signature’ field potentials and a C-type startle response.” Zottoli SJ, Wong TW, Agostini MA, Meyers JR.  J. Comp. Neurol., 2011… Continue reading »

Want to go to South Africa this Summer?

Predation Risk Field Assistant Needed Amy Kuczynski is currently a Ph.D. student at Texas Tech University and is conducting a predation risk study in the Soutspansberg Mountains in South Africa.  She is looking for enthusiastic field assistants to join her on this project. The details about the project, duties,… Continue reading »