News & Announcements

Matt Carter Gets Published…4 times!!

Carter ME, Han S, Palmiter RD (2015)  Parabrachial Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Neurons Mediate Conditioned Taste Aversion. Journal of Neuroscience  35(11):4582-4586. Bonnavion P, Jackson AC, Carter ME, de Lecea L (2015)   Antagonistic interplay between hypocretin and leptin in the lateral hypothalamus regulates stress responses.  Nature Communications. Continue reading »

Lois Banta Publishes in PLoS One

16S rRNA Gene Survey of Microbial Communities in Winogradsky Columns. Rundell EA, Banta LM, Ward DV, Watts CD, Birren B, Esteban DJ. A Winogradsky column is a clear glass or plastic column filled with enriched sediment. Over time, microbial communities in the sediment grow in a stratified… Continue reading »

Lois Banta’s TEDxWilliams Talk

“The Curious Case of Transmissible Cancer in Tasmanian Devils: Lois Banta at TEDxWilliamsCollege” Lois Banta is an associate professor of biology at Williams College. Her research explores the ways in which plants protect themselves from diseases. Her work has been published in the Journal of Bacteriology and the… Continue reading »

Welcome to Dawn Carone, Assistant Professor

Dawn Carone will be arriving in Fall 2014.  Dawn’s lab studies human nuclear structure and the elements that contribute to maintaining nuclear integrity.  She uses a targeted combination of approaches including state of the art molecular cytology with quantitative microscopy, molecular biology and genomics in her investigations. Uncovering functions for… Continue reading »

Welcome to our new Visiting Assistant Professor

Ben Carone will be arriving in Fall 2014 for one year.  Ben’s research focuses on epigenetics. The human body is composed of ~30 trillion cells, all with the same genes and same DNA sequences.  Despite this, our bodies contain cells with wildly different morphologies and functions, leading us to wonder… Continue reading »

5 Students Publish in Developmental Biology

Small heat shock proteins are necessary for heart migration and laterality determination in zebrafish. Jamie L. Lahvic, Yongchang Ji, Paloma Marin, Jonah P. Zuflacht, Mark W., Springel, Jonathan E. Wosen, Leigh Davis, Lara D. Hutson, Jeffrey D. Amack, Martha J. Marvin. Developmental Biology, 384 (2013) 166­180. Continue reading »