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Ben Carone publishes in Science

Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals. Sharma U1, Conine CC1, Shea JM1, Boskovic A1, Derr AG2, Bing XY1, Belleannee C3, Kucukural A2, Serra RW1, Sun F1, Song L1, Carone BR1, Ricci EP4, Li XZ5, Fauquier L1, Moore MJ6, Sullivan R3, … Continue reading »

Professor Luana Maroja publishes in G3

Genes with Restricted Introgression in a Field Cricket (Gryllus firmus/Gryllus pennsylvanicus) Hybrid Zone Are Concentrated on the X Chromosome and a Single Autosome Luana S. Maroja,*,1 Erica L. Larson,† Steven M. Bogdanowicz,‡ and Richard G. Harrison‡ Abstract Characterizing the extent of… Continue reading »

Intekhab Hossain ’17 Co-Authored Paper at MIT

"I worked with an Immunologist/Chemical Biologist on modifying single domain antibodies (from alpacas) in order to use them for the imaging of immunotherapy. The paper was published in Angewandte Chemie (Applied Chemistry) which is maintained by the German Chemical Society." - Intekhab Hossain '17 Continue reading »

Associate Professor Luana Maroja publishes in G3

Characterizing the extent of genomic differentiation between recently diverged lineages provides an important context for understanding the early stages of speciation. When such lineages form discrete hybrid zones, patterns of differential introgression allow direct estimates of which genome regions are likely involved in speciation and local adaptation. Here we use… Continue reading »

Matt Carter Gets Published…4 times!!

Carter ME, Han S, Palmiter RD (2015)  Parabrachial Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Neurons Mediate Conditioned Taste Aversion. Journal of Neuroscience  35(11):4582-4586. Bonnavion P, Jackson AC, Carter ME, de Lecea L (2015)   Antagonistic interplay between hypocretin and leptin in the lateral hypothalamus regulates stress responses.  Nature Communications. Continue reading »