Where have Williams Biology majors gone after graduation?

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  • Faculty member of Biology Dept. at DePauw University
  • Faculty member at Wellesley
  • Faculty member in bioinformatics UC Santa Cruz
  • Faculty member in evolution U. Texas
  • Faculty at medical school, U Mass Worcester, Ob/Gyn
  • Assistant Professor at CUNY


  • After getting a PhD in Immunology from Harvard, joined Decision Resources, Waltham, MA (market intelligence to pharmaceutical and biotech companies)
  • Animal research for Disney World
  • Computer consulting, Cambridge, MA
  • Chubb Group, Atlanta


  • Harvard School of Dentistry
  • Dentistry, oral surgery


  • Teacher at Emma Willard since 1994; received outstanding teaching award in 2002
  • Teacher at Hathaway Brown School, a private girls school near Cleveland
  • San Francisco Exploratorium
  • Deckhand for Sea Education Association, woods Hole
  • Teach for America, Houston

Graduate school/Postdoc


  • U. Michigan
  • Utah
  • UC Davis, Plant Biology
  • UC Davis, Ph.D. program in evolutionary biology
  • U. Penn (after teaching at Berkshire Country Day School immediately after graduation)
  • Yale, neurobiology
  • MIT
  • Harvard
  • UCSF
  • Fulbright Scholarship to South Africa
  • Boston University


  • Harvard Law School
  • NYU Law School
  • Lawyer, Williamstown


  • Mayo Clinic research on tissue regeneration; microsurgery
  • NYU School of medicine
  • SUNY Stony Brook medical School (after teaching for a year at private school in NYC)
  • MD-PhD program at Washington University Medical School
  • Ph.D./MD program Vanderbilt, residency in pathology

Non-profit sector

  • Co-founder of Celebrate Possibility working with middle- and high-school students to express their concerns through art
  • CEO of Tropical Nature promoting conservation through ecotourism
  • Spent three years in Peace Corps in Haiti before becoming a researcher in the kucherlapati lab at Harvard medical School
  • Peace Corps before attending graduate school, MIT
  • Started Fitness Forward to promote healthy lifestyles in kids (while working on an MD – PhD at Duke)
  • Oceana (DC)
  • Worldwatch Institute, before attending Yale graduate school in School of Forestry to study biodiversity in traditional agricultural landscapes focusing on Latin America
  • Environmental and energy policy

Other graduate programs

  • Graduate study in international relations at Columbia


  • Nature Publishing


  • National Marine Fisheries Service, Florida
  • Chromatin, Inc (Chicago)
  • Internship with CIMMYT, Texcoco, Mexico, agricultural research
  • Bioinformatics research, Broad institute, Cambridge, MA

Veterinary school/veterinarian

  • PhD in neubiology and then DVM from Cornell
  • DVM at U. Penn