Students and facultyBiology faculty are available to offer advise on courses to take, study abroad, research opportunities, fellowships, post-graduate career plans, etc. All Biology majors are assigned a faculty advisor when they declare their major.  However, students are always free to get advice from any Biology faculty they choose.

Some faculty members take on roles as advisors for special programs or special opportunities. Contact the faculty member listed below for advice on the area listed.

  • Professor Banta: Credit for Biology courses taken during study abroad
  • Professor Lynch: Whitehead Program
  • Ben Carone: Biology graduate school; WSP BIOL 21/22
  • Professor Williams: Summer research opportunities
  • Professor Engel: BIOL 101 study skills coordinator
  • Professors Lynch, Engel and Lebestky: Placement exams, first days

Questions about health professions should be directed to the Pre-Health Advisor, Jane Cary.

Additional resources

  • Senior peer advising can also help you in your curricular decisions.
  • The Career Center is a valuable resource for information on internships, summer research opportunities, and post-graduate opportunities.
  • The Fellowships Office maintains a Glow site (add yourself to it!) with information on national and Williams College fellowships.