Thesis Application

To apply for honors research fill out the application below by January 30, 2015.

The number of Biology Department faculty available to mentor research students and the number of students each can accommodate in his/her lab vary from year to year. Although the department will make every effort to provide an opportunity for students to conduct honors research, you should be aware that it may not be possible to assign all applicants to a laboratory.
  • This is your W number
  • In general, students who start during WSP or the spring semester of their junior year are working on a project that requires winter or spring field work.
  • Check below if you are also applying for Summer Honors Research. If yes, you MUST also complete the Summer Research Application.
  • List what experience(s) has led you to your decision to do an honors thesis.
  • List the faculty member(s) in whose labs you would like to do research. Make sure that each faculty member you list is one with whom you have spoken and whom you would like to have as a research mentor. List the faculty in order of preference. Note: It is often impossible to place all students into their first choice lab. If you only list one faculty member and the department cannot place you in that lab, you will then need to consider slots that remain available in other labs after other students have been selected. If you are a BIMO or NSCI concentrator and are considering faculty in other departments, list them as well. (To leave a required field blank, type in a hyphen).
  • If you would like to spend part of Summer 2015 doing research in the lab in which you’ll do your honors research, indicate the range of dates in which you would be available (in the nine-week period from June 15 to August 14, 2015) and indicate the number of weeks (up to 9 weeks) you’d like to work within that range.