BIOL 022 Winter Study Application Form

Coordinator: Derek Dean, Lecturer (BSC 240,

Labs accepting students for WSP 2015:  Coming Soon!!


1. Look at the research programs of professors who have openings in their labs, and determine which ones seem likely to be interesting to you.

2. Make individual appointments to meet with the professor(s)s whose research interests you. The purpose of these meetings is to find out what types of projects might be available for you to work on during winter study and to discuss your research interests and ambitions with the professor(s).

3. After you’ve spoken with all the faculty with whom you might want to work, decide who your first choice is and contact that faculty member (BEFORE OCT. 7) to see if s/he will take you into his/her lab.

4. Fill out the form below and submit it by October 7, 2014.

5. Register for BIOL 022 in Self-Reg. NOTE: If a faculty member has not accepted you into his/her lab, do not enroll in BIOL 022 – if you do sign up for it, you will be dropped from the course.

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