BMAC Application

The Biology Majors Advisory Council would love to have you as part of their team. If you are able to fulfill the below requirements, please submit the application form by May 9th.


  • attend all BMAC snacks (Wednesday nights – 9:30PM – 10:30PM)
  • be in charge of providing snacks approximately once a month (and send an email beforehand announcing snacks) *attend all mandatory meetings outside of snacks
  • organize and attend Biology Registration Get-together (in October and April) *be involved with meeting candidates interviewing for positions in the biology department
  • attend and organize Honors Open House (in January), talk with students about doing honors research
  • attend all or part of Academic Expo during First Days – talk with incoming students about biology
  • attend and/or help organize Mountain Day game against other science departments
  • participate as needed from the context of building a community of biology majors (have fun in addition to being really good at logistics!)
  • This is your W number
  • State briefly why you want to be a member of BMAC and how you can contribute to the Advisory Council.
  • It would be great if juniors could serve for both their junior and senior year.