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Sphingolipid gel

Angel Fish with new eggs


Dartmouth Life Science Symposium 2014

Dartmouth LIfe Science Symposium entitled Look and Learn: How Microbes Teach Us About Cell Biology on Oct. 14, 2014. The students are: (L to...

Experimental Biology 2013 Conference

Christine Schindler '13, Uttara Partap '13, and Becca Maher '13 won the David Bruce Award at the American Physiological Society's Experimental Biology 2013 Conference!! More »

Fluorescent image of the substantia nigra, a brain region that regulates movement.

Fluorescent image of the substantia nigra, a brain region that regulates movement. Neurons that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine are stained green; neurons that project...

The scope of our interests is broad, extending from molecular biology and biochemistry through cell biology, physiology, neurobiology and behavior, to evolutionary biology and ecology. In the classroom and the laboratory, our students experience the excitement of exploring what’s known and, more importantly, the questions that remain in these dynamic disciplines.  Within the context of the Williams College liberal arts experience, the Biology curriculum creates a potent intellectual mix that equips our majors for success in many different areas after graduation.

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Sigma Xi Lecture: The Neuroscience Behind a Good Night’s Sleep

Pre-Registration Pizza Lunch

Monday, October 27th at noon in TBL 211.  Come have free pizza and have an opportunity to hear from professors about their spring classes.  There will be time for questions.

Erik Tilman ’10 and Steve Swoap publish in PLoS One

Joan Edwards Publishes in Current Biology

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