bio_vertThe scope of our interests is broad, extending from molecular biology and biochemistry through cell biology, physiology, neurobiology and behavior, to evolutionary biology and ecology.

In the classroom and the laboratory, our students experience the excitement of exploring what’s known and, more importantly, the questions that remain in these dynamic disciplines.  Within the context of the Williams College liberal arts experience, the Biology curriculum creates a potent intellectual mix that equips our majors for success in many different areas after graduation.

News & Announcements

Professor Tim Lebestky published in G3

A Genetic Screen to Assess Dopamine Receptor (DopR1) Dependent Sleep Regulation in Drosophila

A look at Matt Carter’s lab and undergraduate research at Williams

Assistant professor of biology Matt Carter talks about summer science research opportunities at Williams involving undergraduate students learning to use optogenetics. Produced for the Office of Communications by Ariana Ross '17

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor for a Molecular Geneticist

We seek a broadly trained molecular geneticist whose research should incorporate state-of-the-art methods and address questions of broad biological significance. The successful candidate will teach an introductory core course in genetics as well as upper level courses in his or...

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor for an Evolutionary Ecologist

We seek a broadly trained evolutionary ecologist whose research incorporates state-of-the-art methods and a strong field component to address questions of broad ecological significance. The successful candidate will teach the organismal course in our introductory sequence as well as upper-level courses in ecology and evolutionary biology. This individual will advise undergraduates in research and potentially participate in interdisciplinary programs such as Environmental Studies and/or Bioinformatics, Genomics & Proteomics. Normally, faculty members teach one course and two associated laboratory sections (or the equivalent) each semester.
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